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Brunch & Bottle Case Study

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

This is a case study about work undertaken for the owners of Brunch & Bottle, a trendy breakfast and brunch restaurant and bar in Billericay, Essex. When it opened in January 2021, it was the first of its kind in the county – serving anything from pancakes to Prosecco, including one of the best breakfasts in the area.

One of our existing clients recommended us to the owners, who shared their concept of the new business; what needed to be done was then discussed with James.

Burak Erceri and Attila Hunter were starting up a brand new restaurant. They had a clear view of the concept and great ideas, but they needed help to convert these into an end product that worked for them and their brand. The business needed a brand that would stand out from the crowd, and represent the business’s bright, colourful decor and party atmosphere; they also needed the branding designed very quickly, so that they could publicise the opening of the restaurant on various social media platforms.

We designed a clean and crisp logo, which was exactly what the owners wanted. We then ensured that Brunch & Bottle had consistent branding throughout all media – not only on social media but including the menus and takeaway packaging. In liaison with the client’s signage supplier, signage for the exterior of the restaurant was produced, ensuring that it stood out amongst the other retail businesses in Billericay High Street, especially those in the hospitality sector.

As a result of our work, Burak and Attila saw their use of social media grow to over 8,000 followers within six months, and that engagement continues to grow. “We are able to keep up with the fast and ever-changing demands of social media – that has helped us grow our business”, said Attila. Through the means of design and consistent branding, we have ensured that, as Brunch & Bottle grows, the business becomes recognisable in the digital world and on the ever-competitive High Street.

Attila concluded by saying: “This has made James valuable to our business; we continue to work with him as we look to expand, and also across our other businesses. James is approachable, responsive and turns work around very quickly. James really goes that extra mile for us and we would recommend him to any business (old or new) that is looking for some reliable creative flair.”

You can find out more about Brunch & Bottle at:


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