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Why Is Design So Important When Building Your Brand?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Around 38% of viewers stop interacting with your brand if the graphic design is unappealing. That’s a huge portion of your audience! Your brand’s design is as essential as the product or service that you offer. But why does it hold so much importance when it comes to branding?

Mostly because it is what compels your audience to potentially buy your product or service. If you do not focus on the design and aren’t consistent enough, then you’re sure to find yourself in trouble when it comes to capturing the market.

Captivates Your Audience

The first thing that your consistent design can do for your brand is to captivate your audience. If you focus on working towards a graphic design that is easy to process and instils in your audience’s mind, then you will surely see the results of this as well.

Moreover, choosing a signature colour for your design can do wonders for your brand. According to various observations, using a signature colour can improve brand recognition by 80%. So, being design-oriented helps bring consistency in what your brand offers, and that is enough to capture a large segment of your audience.

Gives Your Brand A Personality

Once you establish a particular design for your branding needs, it automatically starts resonating with the personality that you wish to portray. If you’re going for minimalism and your design portrays this, then your brand is perceived with this personality by others as well. It also helps your consumers understand your brand better.

Enhances Your Revenue Generation

Your brand’s design speaks volumes. If you are consistent with your designs and offer your audience quality content, then you will surely improve your clientele as well. Keep in mind, consistency and quality design is linked to increasing your brand’s revenue by almost 33%. Wouldn’t you want to avail this?

Creates A Lasting Impression

It takes about 0.05 seconds for your audience to form an impression about your brand, so you want to make sure that you put out the best design there is. Moreover, the more frequently your design is viewed by your consumer, the better they will be able to remember it. So, you need to create a balance between the quantity and quality of your design to help your brand.

Connects With The Consumer Better

Offering your consumers something that they can relate to is the best possible thing. But, if there’s too much clutter in your design, then it will be hard for them to get the main idea about your brand. A clear and consistent design can ensure that your consumer understands you and connects with you better.

Offers Flexibility When Introducing Changes

By choosing the right professionals for your design needs, you must consider that your brand's image can change over time. If you create a great design, then it will also offer you the flexibility to incorporate changes accordingly.

All in all, you must always ensure that you have an exceptional graphic design team on board to help you avail of all the benefits that come with good design. Never underestimate what design can do for your brand- it can help your business grow and survive in the long run.


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