• James Grand-Scrutton

Why Did I Start GSGraphicDesign?

For today's blog post I thought I would write a bit more about me and why I started GSGraphicDesign.

So for those who don't me, I'm James Grand-Scrutton and I started GSGraphicDesign in February 2019. I always like to say I started GSGraphicDesign because I wanted to make design more affordable, and that's true, I think some big design agencies charge too much for simple design jobs, and I think small businesses can really benefit from more affordable design, but that's not the sole reason I started, if im being completely honest I also started it because I couldn't get a job. I finished college in 2018 and tried to go straight into employment, but like most people trying to get a job straight out of college I struggled. I would look at junior designer jobs and I would need five years experience which obviously I didn't have, so I decided instead of sitting on my arse doing nothing at all, I would do it on my own, I had the support of my parents so I knew I would be fine, so that was it, I had started GSGraphicDesign and began offering my services to clients and if im being honest, I struggled at first, I was barely getting one or two clients a month, and I had thought about packing it in a few times. But I've always been taught to persevere and not give up by my parents so that's what I did, I stuck at it and over time I have started getting more clients and slowly growing my business, and now im enjoying it, I've met some great people through networking who have all been a massive help to me and given me some great advice. So yeah that's about it... Lastly, I would just like to say I hope everyone is well and staying safe at the moment!

Have an excellent day!


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