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What Is Branding?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The term branding has been thrown around a lot these days. You see it everywhere and everyone from influencers to advertisers talk about branding. However, few of us understand what it entails and what it means. Let’s explore this further.

The Meaning Of Branding

There is no one unified meaning of branding. This is because the term is broad and everyone has their take on it. People term themselves as brands now and so the definition has become more personal than ever as well.

For example, Michael Jordan is not just a basketball player. He is a brand, he has a reputation to maintain, and a business to run. The Air Jordan logo is the most known logo around the world. Anytime someone looks at it Michael Jordan instantly comes to mind.

This is the power of branding. This is the effort every brand should make; to be recognizable and build trust with consumers. This should always be the goal of branding efforts.

The Basics Of Branding

Everything has basic principles, so does branding. There is a foundation you have to set and build on if you want your business to be successful. The most basic principle of branding is familiarity.

By familiarity, we mean that you have to make your target audience familiar with your brand. They should know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. This is because people prefer buying new products from brands they are familiar with.

The first step to familiarity is having a logo. This is the face of your brand and how your consumers will recognize you. All big companies have memorable logos.

So, choosing the right colors, visuals, shapes, and fonts are important to creating a memorable logo that a customer can identify right away. To take this branding even further, a business should work on a well-rounded brand experience.

This should include everything from online shopping to the in-store experience. You need to have a culture that customers want to be a part of. So, you are responsible for creating a feeling as a brand and not just a product or service.

It is important to take ownership and come up with plans to create an enjoyable experience for your customers. Data is key in this regard. You need to understand your target audience first so that you can build your brand around it.

Consistency In Branding

The most important aspect of branding is being consistent. You need to have a consistent voice across all your platforms. Apart from that, you should be consistent with your efforts so that you can build a brand that consumers easily trust. If you are not consistent with branding then your consumers will not give you their loyalty.

Final Words

These are the basics of branding that you need to know. It is the foundation on which your business should be built if you want long-term growth and success. So, figure out what branding means to you and then make efforts according to that.


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