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My Design Process

Whenever I produce a design for clients I like to follow a certain step by step process, in this blog post i'm going to go over what that process entails for my clients. So let's get into it

Free Consultation

So to start off I like to give a free design consultation, this will either be face to face, if im working with a client local to me, or over the phone for clients further away. In the consultation, I go through a small batch of questions to determine what my clients want, some things I usually ask would be, who is your target audience? What is your brand's message? and other similar stuff to that, I don't like to get into money talk straight away but I will always ask for the clients budget as its a key part of the process. Once I've determined what the client wants and if its a project for me to take on I send the client a follow-up email going through what we discussed and in a way double-checking everything before I get started.


The next step for me is to put together a few concepts of the project, this typically means I will send over a few logo concepts I've put together, then show them on a few mockups, so clothing, storefronts etc. This is just to show the client what their logo may look like once being used in practice. Now from this the client hopefully will have one or two of the logos that they want to expand on so I will repeat the process with the selected logo design. However, if the client doesn't like any of the logos presented its back to the drawing board to create another set of designs.


The next thing I do, which I've already briefly mentioned, expands on the client's favourite logo. The way I do this is by providing more examples of the logo, so by using different colour palettes (unless the clients brand already has an established colour palette) and by experimenting with different typefaces among other things, now once all this is done I again present it to the client with a few mockups to show them. Hopefully, by this point, they are happy with one of the concepts. If they are I begin the process of putting the logo onto any other designs they would like, so this could be business cards, flyers or letterheads.

Sign Off

Once the client is happy with everything, I will make sure to get a sign-off, so basically this means that I check with the client that everything is good. As long as I get the okay for everything once im happy get the payment process going however sometimes I do have to double or even triple check.

Payment Process

Now I perhaps should have mentioned this at the start but like I said I don't like talking money straight away but I will always tell my clients is that my payment process involves paying 50% of the project cost upfront, this is mainly to protect myself and also to make sure that the client is 100% in on the project, this deposit is non-refundable unless for whatever reason I decided to pull out of the project. The second half of the payment is then sent once the client is happy with the work and its been signed off, once its all paid I then send over the design in whatever formats they need and then that's it. However I am always available to make any little changes that may be needed down the line, so if a client needs a bigger format that they didn't need before im happy to change that.

And that's its, that's pretty much my design process, I could have gone into more detail on the actual design process but that's pretty self-explanatory, (i put together concepts on illustrator.) If you're a designer and reading this let me know about your process as im sure I can learn from you.

If you're interested in working with me and have any questions about any design work please don't hesitate to contact me

Have an excellent day!


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