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5 Characteristics Of A Great Logo

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

A logo is the most essential part of your branding design. It is the face of your brand, and you need to make sure it connects with customers so they can remember you. This is why having a great logo is essential to any business.

Many elements go into the making of amazing logo design. However, here are the five main characteristics that every great logo should have.

Meaningful Colours

Logo design is a way of visual communication. This communication is mainly done through the colours and shapes of the logo. This is why you need to choose a colour scheme that gives a feeling to the consumer they can associate your brand with.

Colours have universal meanings and associations with different things in different cultures. For example, yellow is associated with warmth, blue is associated with calm, and brown is associated with nature.

This is why you must do your research on colour theory and come up with a scheme that communicates your brand essence to consumers.

Right Shapes

The shape of the logo can evoke feelings and emotions. This is because shapes also represent a variety of feelings. Here are some shapes and what they display to the viewer:

· Squares: Trust and security

· Circle: Casual and friendly

· Triangle: Dominating and authoritative

· Curves: Relaxing and playful

There are of course many more shapes that have different meanings. However, it is all about combining different shapes to send out a unique message to your customers.

Setting The Correct Tone

You want to appeal to your target audience and this is why setting the correct tone from the start is crucial. This is where you consider important questions for your logo such as:

· Who is your target audience?

· What are the different brands your target audience identifies with?

· How can you appeal to them?

· What elements can you include so your target audience can connect to your brand?

Once you answer these, you can include different elements to give an impression to the viewer that appeals to them and is memorable.


It is important that your logo design is made in different sizes or is scalable. This is because it needs to be responsive enough to go on a big billboard or be used as a small thumbnail on your website or app.

This is why you need to have a logo that can come in different sizes but still has the same visual and aesthetic appeal. This is one aspect you don’t want to miss.

Simple But Strong

Last but not the least, keep your logo design simple with a strong message. People remember simple logos the most, for example, the "M" in McDonald's. That is an extremely simple logo but it is impactful and instantly catches the attention of any viewer due to its colours and font.

This is why your logo design should be simple but after combining all other elements it should have an impact that lasts long.

Final Words

Logo design is an important part of branding design and should be left to the experts. This is why you should hire only the best graphic designers for your logo.

If you want a great meaningful logo then look no further. GSGraphicDesign is here to take care of all your logo needs. For more information, contact us now!


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